Woodrise 2019 8/9/2019

Meet us on the Woodrise 2019.
30. September - 4. October.
See you in Canada

Holz Basel 8/8/2019

Meet us on the Holz in Basel.
15. - 19. Oktober 2019 


Ingenieur-Holzbau-Tag 2019 8/7/2019

Invitation to Ingenieur-Holzbau-Tag 2019

Soundproofing with SHERPA 7/15/2019

Information about Regufoam Mehr

SHERPA CLT-Connector 7/15/2019

The SHERPA CLT connector is a coupling element for angle joints, t-joints and longitudinal joints, wall to ceiling connections, as well as ceiling joints. Mehr

Minimum Cross Section per Screw Lenghth 7/12/2019

The minimum beam height for the indivitual series


SHERPA Wood Connector with Hardwood 7/12/2019

The associated load carrying capacity values for the dimensioning of connections of various hardwoods and materials made from them.

Fire Protection with SHERPA 7/12/2019

The activated laminate protects the SHERPA from direct exposure to high temperatures. Mehr

Overvew Load Carrying Capacity 7/12/2019

The new technical assessment ETA-12/0067 of 4 June 2018 now provides new solutions and advantages within the framework of the European Construction Products Regulation. Mehr

News Power Base 2019 7/11/2019

Simply excellent and even better: SHERPA Power Base got small changes.

The groove plate belongs to the end grain. 7/1/2019

In SHERPA the groove plate always comes at the end grain of the joist to accomplish the optimum in safety and performance. Mehr