Sherpa Connection Systems

The leading technology in standardized timber connecting systems

The sophisticated and proven SHERPA-technology allows an efficient and competitive design as well as for the timely completion of sophisticated structures throughout the construction industry. The broad product range allows a customized, safe and efficient solution for every task. The high degree of pre-fabrication and the fast installation of these standardized connectors ensure the economical completion of a vast range of projects.

Ingenious Support

Whether per email, phone or videoconference - SHERPA users are welcome to contact our experienced support team consisting of civil engineers and practitioners at any time. Support ranges from simply inquiries to select the appropriate connector to on-site trainings and talks with inspection engineers within large-scale projects.


SHERPA Manual The SHERPA manual provides all relevant data required for standardized connections during planning and implementation stages.

The chapter Models gives further information about operating principles under different loads and stresses. Calculation examples will prove traceability of planning stages.

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SHERPA Blog and News

Soundproofing with SHERPA 7/15/2019

Information about Regufoam Mehr

SHERPA CLT-Connector 7/15/2019

The SHERPA CLT connector is a coupling element for angle joints, t-joints and longitudinal joints, wall to ceiling connections, as well as ceiling joints. Mehr

Minimum Cross Section per Screw Lenghth 7/12/2019

The minimum beam height for the indivitual series


SHERPA Wood Connector with Hardwood 7/12/2019

The associated load carrying capacity values for the dimensioning of connections of various hardwoods and materials made from them.

Fire Protection with SHERPA 7/12/2019

The activated laminate protects the SHERPA from direct exposure to high temperatures. Mehr

Overvew Load Carrying Capacity 7/12/2019

The new technical assessment ETA-12/0067 of 4 June 2018 now provides new solutions and advantages within the framework of the European Construction Products Regulation. Mehr